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Fleet telematics hardware

Getting our telematics or data solutions up and running couldn’t be simpler. Whether you retrofit our partner third-party Plug-In Devices, have factory-fitted Ford modems, or a mixture of both, your fleet will benefit from hardware that works seamlessly with our connected vehicle solutions.

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Integrated FordPass Connect modem*

Newer Ford commercial vehicles are mostly factory-fitted with our integrated FordPass Connect modem. This modem is the key to collecting all your driver and vehicle data through our fleet tracking system without the need for a third-party Plug-In Device.  

The FordPass Connect Modem is deeply embedded into the vehicle's architecture, allowing us to engineer the vehicle, data signals and modem in tandem to maximise the depth and breadth of data available to you. What sets this solution apart is that there’s no additional cost for purchasing or fitting — and it requires no downtime as it’s activated remotely.

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*Works with Ford Pro™ Telematics and Ford Pro™ Data Services.

Partner third-party Plug-In Device (PID)*

The third-party Plug-In Device is ready to unlock the potential of your entire fleet. Supplied directly to you by our Partner, the device is compatible with older Ford vehicles and other manufacturers too**.

This broad compatibility makes it ideal for multi-branded fleets, as well as for upgrading Ford commercial vehicles without a built-in FordPass Connect modem. Connecting your whole fleet, regardless of make or model, can help you to maximise your fleet's productivity and investment in our connected vehicle solutions.

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*Works with Ford Pro™ Telematics only.

**Disclaimer; Our third-party plug-in modem is compatible with most manufacturers’ vehicles.

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