Ford E-Transit Offer

One year’s free access to the following services:

    ✓ BlueOval Charge Network – Access to more than 300,000 public chargers across Europe1. Plus, Ford Charge Assist - Identify, locate and charge at public charging stations using the Ford SYNC screen.

    ✓ Ford Pro E-Telematics – Alerts for vehicle health, charge status, range, theft and so much more2,6.

    ✓ Cloud Connected Navigation6 - Real time traffic and rerouting, Over The Air map updates & hazard alerts all in the Ford SYNC screen.



Ford Pro E-Telematics2,6 gives you the tools to maximise the productivity and optimise the running costs of your fleet. Driver Behaviour Scores and In-Vehicle Coaching3 make it easy to improve driving practices and driving efficiencies.

You can also view each vehicle’s location, charge status and range on a live map. And with vehicle security, you’ll be alerted if theft, or unauthorised use of your vehicles are detected.


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Ford Pro™ E-Telematics software displayed on monitor screen
Man charging E-Transit side view


With one year’s free access to the BlueOval Charge Network, your E-Transits can access more than 300,000 charging points across Europe1.

With Ford Charge Assist, drivers can easily identify, check availability, locate and view charging rates of local public charging stations. Then your drivers can simply scan their RFID Fob or use their SYNC 4 screen to start charging.

To make life simple, you’ll receive one monthly bill, with fraud management services in place to let you know if an unenrolled vehicle attempts to charge on your account.


Contact your Ford Charging specialist to discuss the option to install Ford Connected Wallboxes at your Drivers’ Homes5.

You can check your fleet’s ready for the next day, with remote alerts if the vehicle isn’t plugged in. Your drivers can set preferred departure times and pre-conditioning, so the cabin warms up while plugged in, saving vital battery power for driving. Plus home reimbursement expense reporting makes staying on top of expenses simple.

Ford E-Transit parked on house drive
Ford Connected Navigation displayed on monitor screen


Connected navigation6,7 makes light work of planning every E-Transit trip.8 With pinpoint-accurate maps, places of interest and weather updates, it’s easy to plan the entire working day, including places to charge or park. Real time map-rerouting when traffic is detected makes it’s easy to deal with the day’s challenges.

  • 1Charging fees apply.

    2After 12 months from warranty start date, subscription charges apply.

    3In-Vehicle Coaching available with Ford Vehicles with SYNC 4 and SYNC 3, with the latest software updates.

    4After 12 months from warranty start date, BlueOval Charge Network subscription is £2.49 / €2.99 per month per vehicle.

    5Fees apply for the Ford Connected Wallbox and its installation.

    6Screens may vary.

    7After 12 months from warranty start date, Connected Navigation subscription is £2.50 / €3 per month per vehicle.

    8Standard on all E-Transit Trend and on ICE Transit Limited (excluding UK). Optional on all other series.