Ford Telematics

Ford Telematics can help you to manage your fleet more efficiently. Offering a range of productivity tools, alerts and vehicle insights, that let you monitor your vehicles’ performance, keep track of where they go, how they’re used, and how they’re running.


Enjoy 3 months for free

And just so you know, we’re offering a three-month free trial* of Ford Telematics. At the end of the free trial, you can continue to use Ford Telematics by signing up with a simple subscription.

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Uptime and
Productivity Tools.

✓  Proactive vehicle notifications

✓  Configurable service alerts

✓  Manage repair workflows

Efficiency and
Effectiveness Insights.

✓  Smart dashboards

✓  Solutions focused on fleet needs

✓  Spend less time managing your vehicles

Simple to use.
Easy to implement.

✓  Seamless vehicle integration

✓  Intuitive and easy to use interface

✓  Configurable to suit your needs

Ford Telematics Fleet vehicle summary diagram

Manage your whole fleet

With our compatible Third-Party Plug-In Modem, you can integrate Ford Telematics solutions across your entire operation. This includes older Ford models without an embedded modem, and other non-ford vehicles ** in your fleet.

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Electric vehicle insights

Ford Pro Telematics1 gives you the tools to take care of your fleet of Ford electric vehicles. Enhanced insights and alerts let you keep track of their locations, charging status, and running costs.

You can view a vehicle’s remaining range on a live map and give drivers the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Health monitoring helps you ensure every vehicle is maintained, optimised and ready to go, making it easier for your business stay on track.

Ford Pro Telematics displaying Ford E-Transit vehicle details on monitor screen
Smartphone with Ford Telematics drive app on display

Always stay informed

We also offer the Ford Telematics Drive app, a complementary solution, which enables drivers to pair with a vehicle in your fleet. Drivers provide timely information about the roadworthiness of that vehicle to the fleet manager, by completing vehicle checklists, or by reporting any maintenance issues, all via the app.


In-Vehicle Coaching

Use Ford Pro Telematics to coach2 your drivers and improve their on-the-road performance. Set driving parameters so they receive in-vehicle verbal prompts if the engine idles too long or if the system detects undesirable driving practices, like harsh braking or rapid acceleration.

Training your team to drive more efficiently can help to reduce maintenance costs, optimise energy consumption, and maximise vehicle availability.

Ford Pro Telematics Coaching Dashboard displayed on monitor screen
Two people holding crowbars


Vehicle Security

Ford Pro Telematics1 makes it easy to protect your fleet with security alert. Receive real-time alerts when the system detects theft, or unauthorised use. You’ll also receive a notification if your vehicle is started or if the doors are opened in a set time period. 

Key benefits

Ford Map Icon

Improve asset utilisation

Keep track of the vehicles in your fleet with GPS tracking and Geo-fencing capabilities. Knowing exactly where all vehicles are at all times helps you identify which driver is closest to the next call, plan more effectively, and get the most out of your team.

Ford Vehicle Availability Icon

Maximise your vehicle availability

You can receive proactive notifications and vehicle health alerts allowing you to plan ahead and stay ahead.  Workflow tools will help you schedule services well in advance, avoid costly, unexpected repairs, and reduce disruption to your operation.

Ford Fuel Icon

Optimise your running costs

Minimising waste is crucial to every business. You can monitor the fuel consumption of all your vehicles and not only identify areas of waste, but what the causes are too. This enables you to act on improving efficiency and can help you save money over the life of your vehicles.

Ford Protect Icon

Protect your fleet

Manage your fleet and driver compliance every day. You can receive a range of notifications, including advance service reminders, or a warning if a driver isn’t wearing their seatbelt. This helps you act quickly, and protect your staff, your vehicles and your operation.

Ford Environment Icon

Think about the environment

The Ford range of hybrid and electric vehicles is developing and growing rapidly. And our telematics solutions evolve in tandem to help you maximise the benefits of an electric fleet.

Ford Driver Behaviour Icon

Improve driver behaviour

Your drivers play a key role in your operation.  Ford Telematics provides valuable insights into driver behavior; informing you of coaching opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve compliance.

Discover what Ford Telematics can bring to your business

Register Your Interest

  • •The promotional period will run from 1st July 2020 through to 31st December 2022.

    •The free Ford Telematics promotion will be available to fleet and business customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

    •The customer will have up to 3 months free access to Ford Telematics and Ford Fleet Marketplace subject to availability and vehicle compatibility.

    •The free Ford Telematics trial offer is only available on Ford vehicles equipped with the FordPass Connect modem.

    •The last day to enrol for this offer is the 1st November 2022.

    •Customer offer will commence on the 1st day of the agreed month and terminate on the last day of the third month or on December 31st, 2022, whichever is the earlier.

    •Enterprise Connectivity may enrol vehicles prior to the start date subject to agreement.

    •The customer may activate the service on up to 50 vehicles. 

    •Prior to activating the offer Enterprise Connectivity may conduct compatibility and vehicle ownership validation checks.

    •Should a customer wish to continue to access Ford Telematics after the promotional period has finished a new subscription-based contract will be required which will include a monthly subscription fee for each vehicle connected.

    •The offer is available on a first-served basis for the first 7,000 vehicles connected.

    •You may be contacted by Enterprise Connectivity during the promotion period to discuss other connected products and services.

    •The offer has no monetary value and as such there is no cash alternative.

    •By subscribing to this offer the customer agrees to the Ford Telematics Terms of Use (Standard Fleet Ford Telematics Agreement).

    •Screens may vary.

    1Ford Pro Telematics is compatible with most manufacturer vehicles, however product features may vary.

    2In-Vehicle Coaching available on Ford Vehicles with SYNC 4 and SYNC 3, with the latest software updates.